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New Year, New Recruits!

Are you feeling the January recruitment blues? Well, Milkround are here to help you start your 2017 off with a bang! If you book your campaign with us this month, and spend over £1000, we will give you 10% off.

If that hasn’t tempted you enough, one lucky winner will also win a spa weekend for 2 and all runners up will get a free pamper pack!*

All you need to do to be entered into our raffle this month, is quote ‘January Blues’, when booking your campaign.

*T&C’s: Minimum spend of £1,000 with Milkround. Not eligible for current proposals. Must book in January to be eligible for a prize. Winners will be picked by 1/2/17, and notified by email no longer than 10 days after the competition closes. Competition ends midnight 31/1/17.

25 Jobs Before Turning 25…


Finding a job as a recent graduate is hard, and even harder when you’re not sure which sector you want to start a career in. We often hear stories of graduates not being loyal to companies – only staying for a couple of years before leaving to pursue a new role because they just don’t know which sector they’d like to work in. Emma Rosen, graduate of the University of Exeter with a degree in History & International Relations and a MA in Applied Security Strategy, is taking on the challenge of trying out 25 different jobs before she turns 25. Here’s why she’s doing it:

“Four months ago, I made the decision to leave my ‘job for life’ with the Civil Service in favour of an experimental idea: trying 25 jobs before I turn 25, over the course of a year.

This is no gap year, but a radical sabbatical aimed at not only finding my ideal career, or careers, but also to better understand the challenges, desires and demands of many of my peers – the so-called millennial generation – with the aim of advising on future workplace trends.

That was how the challenge started – aimed at millennials by a millennial.

However, I soon realised that the issue of an unfulfilled workforce was not as generationally-defined as I had first thought. Since featuring in The Telegraph, among other publications, I have had a huge response from people of all ages, from school-age teenagers to those near retirement, alongside hundreds of millennials.  

I am currently six jobs in and my goals are now threefold: to get a better understanding of what I want to do in the long run, to advocate for better careers education for young people and also to promote career fulfilment for those already in the workplace. At the strategic level, a happy and fulfilled workforce is a resilient workforce, that is able to withstand the economic and political shocks that we are experiencing with increasing frequency.

So how am I trying 25 careers in one year? I am spending anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks working with inspirational organisations within each field, which I have contacted through a mixture of networking, cold-calling and my partnership with Milkround.

I would, therefore, be very grateful for any offers of work shadowing/experience in the UK, or abroad, in any of the industries I have yet to cover, including:

  • International Development
  • International Security
  • Primatology
  • TV & Film production
  • Conservation
  • Marine Biology
  • Think Tank
  • Hotel Critic
  • Disaster/Crisis Management
  • Homewear/Fashion Buyer
  • Entrepreneurial start-up (preferably with a social impact focus).

Two weeks is, of course, not a substantial enough period of time to fully get to grips with a sector. This is why I am also looking to interview passionate senior individuals within each industry, to learn from their experience and to gain a more holistic insight into what it’s like to work within each.

What I can offer to an organisation or induvial in return, is writing about my experiences on my website and through my partnership with Milkround, which would be a great way to promote working with you. It would demonstrate to potential future candidates that you take their career fulfilment and happiness seriously.”

You can view Emma’s website and blog here:

WIN with the 12 Days of Christmas!


In this very speedy run up to Christmas, we’re offering you the chance to WIN PRIZES when you book your campaign with Milkround.

If this hasn’t already tempted you to enquire, here’s a list of the things we’re giving away…

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DAY 6: 8th December: A cupcake delivery

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DAY 9: 13th December: Hot air balloon ride for two

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DAY 11: 15th December: £100 John Lewis voucher

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For every £1000 you spend with Milkround, you’ll get one entry into the raffle at the end of the day (i.e book a £5,000 campaign and you’ll receive five entries, giving you a higher chance of winning!)

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*T&Cs: minimum spend of £1,000 with Milkround. Has to be booked on the day to be eligible to win the prize. Winners will be picked at the end of each day, and be notified by email no longer than 10 days after the competition closes. Competition ends at midnight 16/12/2016.

Missed our Millennial Insight Breakfast?

Milkround’s ‘Inside the Minds of Millennials’ report is a fresh look in to the minds of millennials told to us by the millennials themselves.

With this piece of research, we’ve gained an insight into this generation which, according to the BBC, will make up 75% of the global workforce by the year 2020.

We look at some common misconceptions around this generation of young workers and ask for their perspective on themes such as professionalism in the workplace, home ownership, travel, employer loyalty, and their close relationship with social media.

To see the key takeaways from the report, click here!


For more information, or to see the full report, just get in touch!


Perceptions of the employer assessment process – are you ahead of the game?


Has your method of assessing candidates been the same for years? Have you ever wondered if your methods of assessing influences a candidates impression of your business?

TMP Worldwide and Milkround are hosting an Insight Breakfast looking at the impact of employer assessment processes on quality of hire, diversity and inclusion and employer brand. We’ve conducted research with over 1,800 students to find out;

  • The impact of the assessment process on candidate perception of your employer brand
  • Candidate perceptions of different types of assessment processes
  • How self aware are candidates when it comes to key skills and do they really understand what employers are looking for
  • Designing assessment processes that help meet diversity and inclusion targets



Date:  1st November 2016

Time:  08.30am – 10.30 am

Venue:  Blue Fin, London, SE1 0TA



To by 14th October 2016.