Here are some handy tips to help attract top candidates to your business through your targeted email.

Things to remember when writing your email:

  1. Make your email personalised to the candidates you are targeting.
  1. Connect the candidate to the job- why are you choosing to email this particular person?
  1. Make sure your email has a short subject heading, giving the candidate a reason to click ‘open’.
  1. Keep it short and sweet. The email will link to your full job specification on the Milkround website, so include key information and a call to action.

How to target candidates with your emails

Firstly, begin with your initial criteria. Look at the key components this candidate must have in order to fill your vacancy:

  • Qualification result or expected result
  • Location

Then start to refine the types of candidates you’re looking for based on

  • Qualification subject
  • Graduation or completion year
  • Interest in particular sectors

Stick to these guidelines, and you’ll receive quality applications in no time!