The Metro reported this morning (Tuesday, 27th January 2014) that one in seven graduate job offers were rejected last year, meaning the UK had the most unfilled graduate positions since 2008. This seems hard to believe with each graduate job having around 75 applications- the competition is clearly still tough.

This statistic seems to highlight the skills gap in graduates, and how those who do have these skills are in high demand. What can universities be doing to close this gap? What can students be doing to improve their employability?

Securing an internship is one way students can increase the chances of being hired after university. Companies give a quarter of their graduate roles to candidates who have previously worked for them, most typically as an intern.

Last year, Milkround conducted a Career Service Roadshow, which saw our Engagement Marketing Executive, Chantelle, travel around the country visiting universities and explaining trends in student employability and commercial awareness. This is just one of the things we have been doing to help tackle this problem in graduate skill gaps- watch this space!