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Every year we recruit four graduates to help the Milkround team throughout the busiest period of the year. Their main aim is to help spread the word about Milkround to as many students possible!
Whilst at events they will be explaining to students the benefits of Milkround and how the website can help them throughout their time at University – offering placements, internships and graduate schemes across hundreds of top employers across the UK.
They are an essential part of Milkround and we are so excited to introduce this year’s team: 


Name: Joseph James

University attended: Graduated from University of the West of England in 2014 with a 2:1 BA English Literature.

Best University moment: My favourite moment at University was the day I FINALLY handed in my dissertation. It had followed me around for the best part of six months and to get rid of it was nothing short of pure joy.

Career Ambition: In my future career I would like to work in Advertising and Marketing and would love to run my own agency eventually. One step at a time though…

3 interesting facts about you:

I am pretty much terrified of heights, but have skydived.

I once spent five hours trying to master a golf trick down my university house staircase. I did it. It’s on YouTube.

I worked as a hotel porter and valet for 6 months in Sydney.


Name: Jessica Brady

University Attended: Sheffield

Best University Moment: Graduating with all my friends – although knowing that it was the end of an era was also kind of sad!

Career Ambition:  To pursue a career in marketing and branding.

3 interesting facts about you:

I have the biggest fear of cotton wool, it seriously creeps me out.

Cheese is my least favourite food, apart from on pizza when it’s definitely ok.

I like to follow dogs on Instagram.


Name: Ollie Cloake

University attended: Sheffield Hallam University, I studied Business and Marketing and graduated in May 2014. Travelled through Asia, Australasia and America from Autumn 2014 – Summer 2015.

Best University moment: The whole process! From freshers to graduation I loved every moment of being a university student!

Career Ambition: To continue to develop my skills in Marketing within large companies, hopefully resulting in progressing into a higher management role within such a corporation.

3 interesting facts about you:

I am a West Ham United Fan, someone has to be!

I’ve visited 6 of the 7 continents in the world.

I once was in the school play, my character was “The Wind”.


Name: Lydia Randall

University attended:  Coventry University

Best University moment:  Traveling to Palermo in Italy to learn about the Italian Mafia and the anti Pizzo movement.

Career ambition: To start my own social enterprise called BVOCAL, which is targeted towards creating and enabling young people to have a voice and helping to empower them as our  future leaders.

3 interesting facts about you:

I have written and performed my own spoken word piece at TEDX. The theme was ‘Playing beyond’, which was all about allowing people to see that we all have the capacity to reach and operate at our full potential, and to push beyond our limits. ‘To win a game you have to play the game.’

I have a passion for play writing and acting.

I once fell on stage at a modelling competition in the o2  (super embarrassing!).


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A huge welcome to our fabulous Brand Managers!