Spooky season is in full swing… and we’re helping our school and college leavers conquer their career fears!

16-18 year olds find the post-school decision very daunting. They have a variety of options to take- but which one is best?

Concerns range from

  • ‘How much money will I earn?’
  • ‘How easy is it to get a job or apprenticeship?’
  • ‘Will I miss out by not going to uni?’

We’d love to hear YOUR advice for school and college leavers who are having to make these life changing decisions- what piece of advice can you offer them?

Your wise words will be hosted on our advice site, sent to our database of over 49,000 school and college leavers and also our teacher database of 7,000.

Please leave your words of wisdom in the form below to help school and college leavers conquer their career fear: