Milkround has one vision, to build career confidence in students and graduates. As part of this it is important to ensure that all content written for our website is inspiring and full of knowledge for our readers..


Here are some top tips to make sure your article stands out and is appealing to our readers:

Be inspiring.

Inspiration is difficult to define, especially when communicating with hundreds of thousands of students and graduates across the country, as everyone is influenced by different factors.

In essence, being inspiring is filling someone with a feeling of positivity, and with this the urge for them to do something positive too.

Publish statistics and news stories. Either telling good news about the graduate recruitment market, or reporting on negative stories, but following them up with advice on how candidates can take this information and use it to their advantage. Alternatively, report on the achievements of students and graduates as an inspiration for others. Giving examples of real-life professionals and how they developed their careers is a great way of inspiring Milkround’s community.

Be knowledgeable.

The easiest way to boost the credibility of what you’re saying is to back everything up with some statistics. You could also use quotes from industry experts, current employers or respected figures, anything that reiterates the point you are trying to make with a level of evidence and authority.

Be Friendly.

Try to add charisma and personality to your writing without falling into the trap of being too ‘zany’ by having a conversational rather than formal tone.