On Tuesday 11th April 2017, Milkround partnered with UpRising to host an employability day at their headquarters in Southwark for 20 young ambitious jobseekers, looking for opportunities after graduation.

UpRising is a youth leadership development organisation, which aims to further open the career pathways for young people from underrepresented backgrounds. As part of their ‘Fastlaners’ two-week programme, Milkround spent a day with the candidates running activities which focused on the skills needed to succeed in an interview.

The day started with workshops on ‘How to create your elevator pitch’ and the best ways to present yourself in an interview, followed by an interactive activity on ‘The power of personal branding’.

The day rounded off with each of the candidates taking part in a competency-based mock interview, conducted by a member of the Milkround team. Each candidate was immersed into a formal interview setting and given the chance to practice answering those all-important, example-led interview questions, putting their morning’s exercises to the test.

Emma Henly, Fastlaners Project Manager at UpRising, said “Tuesday’s workshop at Milkround gave the candidates a real insight into a different set of skills they may not have had the chance to practice previously. Pitching yourself and communicating effectively in an interview environment is a difficult skill to learn and get right, so having the opportunity to practise with staff from Milkround was very beneficial to their employability. 

Days like these are so important for young people who are struggling to get their foot in the door at a company after graduation. Competition for graduate roles are fierce, so immersing graduates in an office environment and giving them the chance to practice different skill sets is so important in helping them secure their future career.

Francesca Parkinson, Head of Marketing at Milkround added, “At Milkround, we believe every single person should have the same opportunities in life, regardless of income, area or background. We work with young people from all over the UK to help them understand and reach their own potential to achieve the right career for them. Partnering with UpRising for their Fastlearners programmes has given us the opportunity to extend this reach, and help top graduates gain the skills and confidence they need to secure their first job after graduating.

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