Ensuring young people realise their potential is important for us at Milkround.

On Thursday 13th July 2017,  we hosted an employability day alongside our partner UpRising, as part of their ‘Fastlaners’ programme for 18-25 year olds.

UpRising is a youth leadership development organisation who equip young people from under-represented backgrounds with skills to aid career success. As a charity, they champion diversity and understand that the best way to achieve this in the workplace is to support young people and develop their skillsets so they can flourish in successful careers.

The elevator pitch

The employability day began with a presentation by Milkround’s Rumneet Johal on  the elevator pitch, before the candidates were placed into groups. The pitch centred around identifying an overarching goal – whether that be a long-term career aim, the exchanging of contact details at a networking event, or simply a way to highlight skills at interview. Having this goal in mind aided the participants in explaining exactly why their past experience was relevant, or why their USP was so significant in the bigger picture. Aided by the Milkround team, each participant drafted their own pitches.

The participants could see immediately how the elevator pitch could be utilised in interviews or networking situations – in fact, they recognised it would be the perfect model for the speed networking session they would attend with another UpRising partner later that afternoon. The candidates expressed that standing before their peers to practice the pitches was a great way to prepare.

The elevator pitch

Self-awareness and motivation

Self-awareness is also incredibly important in the workplace, so paired with our interview tips was an activity where the participants could determine what they personally find motivating by identifying their ‘engagement needs’. This involved working through a questionnaire to determine whether personal motivation was driven by either the need for accomplishment, enjoyment, belonging, recognition, or advancement.  As a result, candidates were able identify their goals in terms of their own motivational needs.

Milkround understands this awareness is essential in terms of personal branding, and in ensuring collaborative and empathetic team players. Recognising their own needs, whether in sync or in opposition with others, is key in developing open-mindedness in a working environment.

Engagement needs questionnaire

Q & A

The final activity of the day was a  Q&A session with four Milkround team members. All were thrilled to be asked well thought-out questions by the UpRising participants. The questions voiced showed acute awareness of the multiple factors that constitute a successful, happy career.

Candidates asked the Milkround panel what the greatest challenges of their own careers were. Progression and the nature of the “three-to-five-year plan” were also raised, which opened an insightful debate about how useful pre-set career milestones are for each individual. Considering the pros and cons of conventions like this inspires out-of-the-box thinking.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with engaged and curious candidates , and our employability day alongside UpRising was no exception.

Our Q&A session

Emma Henly, the London Fastlaners Project Manager, summed up the day: “20 Fastlaners came to Milkround for the second time in July and it was a big success again among the young people and one of the highlights of the week!

All the participants were really impressed with the Milkround offices as well as the energy, commitment and enthusiasm of all the staff. They particularly loved the roof top terrace with the amazing views of London; it was a great way to finish the programme and inspire all the participants to achieve their career goals. UpRising is really pleased to be working with Milkround to tackle youth unemployment and boost the confidence and employability of a diverse range of young Londoners. We’re looking forward to more Fastlaners events with Milkround in the future!”

If you’d like to learn more about the events we host, please contact us at info@milkround.com.