The Institute of Student Employers (formally the Association of Graduate Recruiters) have unveiled their latest findings into the current state of the school leaver, student and graduate market at their annual Graduate Recruitment Showcase.

Key findings from their latest 2017 report show that despite overwhelming concerns over Brexit last year, investment into the market continues, with a predicted 11% increase in graduate vacancies in 2018, and a 32% increase in apprenticeship offerings.

Key findings:

  • There is expected to be an 11% increase in graduate vacancies in 2018
  • Apprenticeship vacancies are expected to increase by 32% in 2018
  • 65% of ISE employers hired apprentices in 2017
  • 75 applications per vacancy for graduate roles on average
  • 29 applications per vacancy for apprenticeships on average
  • 32% of employers failed to fill all of their vacancies last year
  • 15% of offers made to graduates are either declined or reneged
  • Time to hire has decreased, thanks to utilising technology within the recruitment process
  • Over 50% of employers use video interviewing as part of the selection process
  • Employers perceive graduates as lacking in both the self-awareness and managing up

Expected challenges in 2018

  • Improving diversity is the top challenge for employers in the upcoming year
  • This is followed by budget constraints and managing candidate experience/expectations


For more information, see the ISE blog.

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