The Milkround team are very excited to announce 2018’s Society Awards will take place on 27th June this year!

Milkround’s Society Awards are a chance for us to recognise and celebrate some truly impressive university societies, and the individuals within those societies.

Those students who take the time to dedicate themselves to a university society alongside their studies are constantly refining their soft skills. Roles within societies such as president or treasurer require students to organise a team and be financially literate, which are valuable transferable skills they can bring into the workplace.

Not only are the Society Awards the perfect way to recognise those stand-out students, they also help connect students with leading employers by giving them the opportunity to network and hear insider knowledge on the graduate roles available.

The opportunity – for students

An individual from a society, or a society as a whole, can nominate themselves for an award via the Milkround website. We pick out the finalists from these applications, and invite them along to Milkround’s HQ for the big event!

On the day, students are asked to present the successes, importance and future aims of their society, or of their individual contribution to a society. Finally, they’ll talk the judges through what they would do with the £1,000 cash prize if they were to be crowned the winner.

The opportunity – for employers

Our sponsorship package includes:

  • The chance to network with over 20 top students from a range of universities and societies
  • Act as a judge on the day, with final say on the Committee’s Outstanding Contribution to a Society and the Individual to have made the Biggest Contribution to a Society awards
  • Deliver a workshop to the students – offering insight into your brand and graduate opportunities, engaging students in skills-based tasks – the workshop can be whatever you want it to be!
  • Your branding across all student communications promoting the Society Awards

Take a look at last year’s winners

To be a sponsor and judge of our Society Awards in June, give us a call on 0333 0145 111, or contact your Account Manager directly.