Our Candidate Compass research for 2019 revealed that an increasing number of students and graduates are taking on a second earning project, alongside their studies or full-time jobs.

Following this, we went back out into the field and surveyed our audience, to gain some further insight on this topic. This focused on the reasoning behind these side hustles, how common it is for students and graduates to take these on and what skills they are developing as a result.

We found that nearly half of our respondents have joined the gig economy in order to combat debt, afford rent and the rising cost of living, with 60% claiming that they have a side hustle because the cost of living is too high to exist on their main salary or student loan.

Read our findings below, which show the key takeaways from the research, how side hustles can benefit your business and tips for supporting graduates who have side hustles. We also have a case study from Kallum Challenger, who works at Milkround, and Shannie Mears, who works at The Elephant Room, explaining their experiences and how this has helped them – both individually and the businesses they work for.


Side Hustles - Infographic (Flattened 6)Side Hustles - Infographic Page 2 (Flattened)Side Hustles - Infographic Page 3 (Flattened)

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