Here at Milkround, we want to understand the most up to date thoughts and feelings of students and graduates. Our most recent research* looks at generational changes, how attitudes to work have changed over time, and how this can affect a company’s attraction strategy. Here’s what we found out…

The growing role of internships

Prior to graduates joining the workforce, internships have shown they are
fundamental for securing a first job. A quarter of Gen Z were offered their first
graduate job by the same employer they had prior work experience with and 32% were offered their role through connections made during their work experience.

There’s a focus for graduates to have a job lined up before they’ve finished
university with over a quarter having secured their graduate role before their final year. Employers need to be engaging with students at all stages throughout their university life.

The importance of knowing their path

Graduates need to see a clear progression pathway. Gen Z have said that they look to stay in their first roles for less than two years, with the main reason being that they want to learn new skills (29%). Emphasising the need for employers to offer development opportunities and outline these from the outset.

Over half of Gen Z feel their challenges could be rectified by a different employer as opposed to moving industries. This again shows the value for employers to be considering and listening to their employee’s desires.

We’ve outlined some of our key highlights from our research as well as offered tips on how you can support young workers with their professional development…

*Opinium surveyed 2,000 UK graduates between 6th and 14th February 2020 on behalf of Milkround.