Spotlight on: social mobility in the student and graduate market

This year, Milkround’s annual Candidate Compass report revealed different career mindsets between students who were eligible for free school meals during their education, and those who were not.


Milkround’s Candidate Compass Report 2017

Our recent survey of over 5,000 students gave us some great insights into the current mindset of the graduate market. This year's Candidate Compass report touched on reneging job offers (a surprising 70% of graduates would be willing to withdraw after accepting a role), graduate salary expectations and self-confidence surrounding soft skills. Our Candidate Compass... Continue Reading →

A Level results day offers

A Level Results Day August Offers We have some great offers to celebrate the release of A Level results on the 17th August. August is results month for school leavers everywhere, so there's never been a better time to engage with this market. From entry level jobs to apprenticeships, make sure your opportunities are made... Continue Reading →

Millennials, mental health and company culture

95% of employers surveyed by Totaljobs consider a candidate’s cultural fit as important in the application process. The high figure is unsurprising, as like-mindedness and productivity often go hand-in-hand; something recognised by over half of employers. No matter how many benefits a role has, if a candidate is not a good cultural fit within the... Continue Reading →

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