Careers Adviser Conference 2017

Join us on the 25th and 26th May 2017, for our annual Careers Adviser Conference with CCH. We have 200 spaces available for careers advisers to attend and network with school leaver employers and key decision makers in the school leaver market, including government officials.

Some of the UK’s top brands will be there to showcase their opportunities, and explain more about how their apprenticeships and sponsored degree opportunities can benefit your students.

Employers already attending: 

  • Grant Thornton
  • IBM
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • ACCA
  • EY
  • Crowe Clark Whitehall

The Details

Date: 25th & 26th May 2017

Time: TBC

Venue: London Transport Museum, Covent Garden

After School Options 2017


Are you looking to recruit for your apprenticeship positions?

Our After School Options Fair is an opportunity for employers, like yourself, to meet the UK’s top youth talent. Last year we had 6,000 students in attendance, so this event will be great opportunity to expand your talent pool!

The event will be held on the 3rd March 2017 at The Emirates Stadium in North London.

As well as this, all employers exhibiting will receive an A5 advert in our brochure, which will be distributed to all 6,000 students, teachers & careers advisers attending and EVERY school and college in the UK! The deadline for artwork is fast approaching (25th January 2017), so if you are interested be sure to get in contact now.


10:00am to 2:30pm.

How to get involved:

If you are interested in exhibiting or partnering with us, please contact Charlie Howell at or 020 3003 4008.

For any other queries please get in touch with the team:
T 020 3003 4017

Writing an effective recruitment email

We know that choosing and writing email content for you the marketer is not always the simplest of tasks.

But here at Milkround with a little analysis of our own we’re here to provide you with some top tips to get you the engagement you need to ensure that return on investment.

So first things first…

1. There is no one size fits all policy

  • What works well for one company may be a washout for another so it’s important to always keep the audience being targeted in mind.
  • For some of the more recognisable names, placing the brand name in the subject line can be a simple solution as that initial affiliation makes the reader want to know more.
  • For those less well known, it’s important to be direct and tell the recipient exactly what they will be getting. The golden rule is to be short and concise. The use of over complicated language or sentence formatting will almost instantly cause all attention to be lost.
  • These two small factors have seen emails exceed open rates of 30% compared to our overall average of 16%.

2. Make that subject line entice what’s inside

  • As our audience have signed up to the website themselves, this already tells us they want to engage with what we offer.
  • Think of it as a shopping experience where the recipient is choosing which kind of job they would like. You choose your targeting  which matches their choices so all that remains is delivering a key message which must relate to the offer.
  • There are no worse performers than those making a generic statement.
  • Why would someone who has signed up to receive tailored job alerts open an email aimed at many?
  • Simply stating what’s enclosed tells the recipient what they are going to get which is important as it’s relevant to what they want.

3. But make it snappy!

  • A mobile user will typically only ever see the first 4 words of the subject line on their device.
  • With 65% of our audience opening emails this way it’s crucial the key component of your message is stated from the start.
  • The same rule applies for the content of your message.
  • Ultimately, your email message should lure candidates to click through to find out all the information they need to know. This should be presented in a bite size and digestible format.
  • Consistently, our top performing emails follow this logic and achieve anywhere from2-6% CTR’s compared to the overall average of 1.4%.
  • The stats don’t lie…

We love your input – love ours to

We like to think we’ve been doing this long enough to really help you get the best from your targeted email sends.

Through using software which enables us to make sure your email is 100% deliverable and will not end up in the dreaded junk folder; we can combine your key recruitment message with our insight expertise.

Building your brand in the student market

Increasing your brand awareness can be a long process, especially among a younger audience. Ask any young person, and they will have most likely heard of many of the UK’s large blue chip fashionable companies, so how do small to medium sized businesses increase their presence in this audience?

Social MediaGet online.

Young people spend so much of their time online- whether at school, university or work. It is crucial to have a strong online presence in order to popularise you brand among this audience. Optimise your website by making sure your SEO is updated and relevant. Run a PPC campaign to make sure you’re getting your name out there (while hopefully generating some ROI).

And, equally as important as your website, get on social media. It is one of the most effective (and cost effective) ways to promote you business and enhance the visability of your brand. Pick a platform, and use it well. Engage with your followers, promote competitions, discounts or vacancies, and highlight your brands personality through your posts and image style.

Top tip: ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘a day in the office’ posts are an engaging way to show potential candidates what it is like to work for your company.



Get offlineGet offline.

If you’re looking to hire school leavers, students or graduates, make the effort to personally visit them. Visit employability fairs, go on campus and spread the knowledge of your brand. Take to these events the opportunity to get hired, or to have an interview or CV clinic. Organise an internal event where students or graduates can spend a day in the office or on the worksite shadowing an employee. (A few freebies never hurt either!)



Get offlineGet creative.

Visual appearance of your brand is crucial in order to stimulate a positive reaction. Explore with display advertising, presenting your brand online or in print, on youth brands. If this is out of your budget, reap the rewards of social media advertising, in which you can set your own spending budget. In addition, the Youtube and Vine phenomena has made video content extremely popular, and offers companies another fantastic, cost effective, branding opportunity.

Top tip: Present information in an infographic. Transform company research into a captivating experience for your audience.

Building our student & graduate audience

Find out how Milkround attracts candidates from top universities, and maintains an exclusive, quality database.

First day on campus

First choice from the first day on campus

We engage with students from the start of their university life. We visit Fresher fairs across the country and provide on-going career support until after they have graduated. Our links with careers services ensure we are a trusted brand on campus.


Career Confidence survey

Milkround’s Student and Graduate Career Confidence survey and report

As well as running surveys and polls to provide snapshots of student and graduate views and job hunting trends we also produce an annual Student and Graduate Career Confidence Survey. Read our most recent report here.


A trusted network of on-campus student supporters

A trusted network of on-campus student supporters

At Milkround we have a network of brand ambassadors across the UK that work on our behalf, registering students to Milkround and pointing them in the direction of our career advice.


An exclusive, protected database of 500,000 usersAn exclusive, protected database of 500,000 users

We have built our database over a number of years and never sell to third parties, ensuring your jobs are sent to an exclusive database of engaged candidates, keen to be targeted by you.


Supporting students through their graduate job hunt

Supporting students through their graduate job hunt

We support students throughout their university life with targeted emails to help their studies. We have exclusive content to allow students and graduates to research their career options and find suitable internships or placements.


Building effective partnerships

Building effective partnerships

At Milkround we aim to build effective partnerships with other leading student websites, societies and services to increase our reach to students via trusted brands. This supports our mission of providing students and graduates with career confidence.


Building candidate relations throughout the yearBuilding candidate relations throughout the year

We maintain a high profile on campus, attending career fairs and campus days to meet students and graduates face-to-face, whilst promoting client vacancies and gaining feedback on our services.

Advertorial writing guidelines

Milkround has one vision, to build career confidence in students and graduates. As part of this it is important to ensure that all content written for our website is inspiring and full of knowledge for our readers..


Here are some top tips to make sure your article stands out and is appealing to our readers:

Be inspiring.

Inspiration is difficult to define, especially when communicating with hundreds of thousands of students and graduates across the country, as everyone is influenced by different factors.

In essence, being inspiring is filling someone with a feeling of positivity, and with this the urge for them to do something positive too.

Publish statistics and news stories. Either telling good news about the graduate recruitment market, or reporting on negative stories, but following them up with advice on how candidates can take this information and use it to their advantage. Alternatively, report on the achievements of students and graduates as an inspiration for others. Giving examples of real-life professionals and how they developed their careers is a great way of inspiring Milkround’s community.

Be knowledgeable.

The easiest way to boost the credibility of what you’re saying is to back everything up with some statistics. You could also use quotes from industry experts, current employers or respected figures, anything that reiterates the point you are trying to make with a level of evidence and authority.

Be Friendly.

Try to add charisma and personality to your writing without falling into the trap of being too ‘zany’ by having a conversational rather than formal tone.

What do our clients think?

At Milkround we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality graduate and school leaver candidates.

Here’s what some of the world’s top employers have to say about us…



Milkround’s reach, reputation and professionalism always ensure the best experience for our users. A firm we are pleased to be associated with, who continue to deliver a top quality service.

– Deloitte

Mountbatten Institute

Our dedicated account manager offers useful support and advice and is always recommending new and effective ways to promote our organisation. Milkround have thoroughly earned our trust and of course, our continued business.

– Mountbatten Institute

Cielo Talent

For our ABI campaign Milkround was our second performing job board in rms of applications and clicks. Definitely would recommend, and do recommend you to our other clients when they have graduate roles due to these ABI performance results.

– Cielo Talent

Explore Learning

We have been using Milkround for five years and they consistently provide us with a fantastic service both via the professionalism of their staff and driving high quality candidates in our direction. Their campaigns are flexible and allow you to tailor your message to graduates in a number of different ways to suit your brand and budget.

– Explore Learning

Norbet Dentressangle

I’ve been over the moon with the service and found the level of professionalism and advice is second to none. The staff are friendly and helpful and to top it all off the quality of applications that we get through are excellent.

– Norbet Dentressangle

Third City

We were really impressed with the number of entries and how quickly these happened – it’s good for us to know in the future too if we ever need to turn round a placement quickly. I was also impressed with the calibre of applications, the CVs looked good and the experience relevant for what we were looking for.

– Third City

Why does having a socially diverse workforce matter to your business?

The release of recent statistics in the press has pushed social mobility to the top of many employer’s agendas. Deliotte’s Fair Access to Work study in 2016 showed that students from less advantaged backgrounds earn an average of nearly 10% less than their more advantaged peers 6 months after graduating. By raising awareness of this inequality, we can hope to close this gap and make sure all students and graduates are given a level playing field when it comes to the world of work, regardless of their background.

  1. What does social mobility mean, and how does it currently look in the graduate market?

Socioeconomic backgrounds are difficult to pinpoint, but are usually characterised by post code lived in at the age of 14, free school meal eligibility, and parent professions. In 2016, only 10.3% of all UCAS applicants were made by those from most disadvantaged backgrounds, compared to 30% of those from the most advantaged.  Once students have completed university, there is a pay gap of around 10%. Employers are continuing to hire with the influence of unconscious bias, targeting their recruitment drives at elite universities and filtering out candidates who don’t meet high qualification brackets.

  1. Who is championing the change in social mobility?

Deloitte, Accenture, O2, Linklaters, KPMG, Barclays, EY, Baker & McKenzie, Grant Thornton, Teach First and the independent Bridge Group have committed to working with the government to create new national common measures which will help to boost social mobility in workplaces across the UK, in both private and public sectors.

  1. Why should bringing in a diverse workforce matter to me, and how can I tackle it?

There are a multitude of reasons why bringing in a diverse workforce can bring benefits to your business. It firstly widens your talent pool, giving you the chance to recruit potential rather than a tick box of grades and qualifications. Secondly, hiring people from different backgrounds will widen your skill set, bringing in fresh talent and other perspectives. It will also strengthen your employee engagement, opening doors for wider collaboration, development programmes and mentoring schemes.

There are several simpler changes you can make to your business to reduce the barriers for less advantaged candidates joining your organisation.

  • Banning unpaid internships will stop only graduates from privileged backgrounds gaining valuable work experience, opening the opportunity up to all candidates.
  • Look past grades and qualifications when filtering through your applications. Shift your focus towards their experiences and progression to understand where you can find potential.
  • Reimbursing interview travel costs, or hire locally. Less privileged candidates may be unable to attend interviews too far from their home due to high travel costs. Offering a reimbursement or targeting your recruitment drive locally can help to combat this barrier.

We are a long way away from abolishing all the barriers for graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds when entering the world of work. There are a lot of small steps many organisations can take to becoming a much more diverse and inclusive team, bringing with it a multitude of benefits to your company culture and collaboration. For more information on how you can reach out to students from all walks of life, simply get in touch.






Delivering more candidates than ever before…

We kicked off the year with high traffic levels, a growing audience and strong applications.

Check out our January 2017 statistics vs. last year below:


What does this mean for you?

A high volume of quality candidates applying for your roles.

Your brand seen by more candidates than ever before.

We’re proud to work with


Image result for BLOOMBERG     Image result for DELOITTE    Image result for ALLIANZ

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Now is the time to drive your recruitment campaign forward, and with the tools and resources Milkround can offer, it’s never been a better time to give us a go.

Simply get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Boost your campaign this February with our perfect pairs

With Valentine’s Day only around the corner, we’re feeling the love here at Milkround. This month we’ve coupled up some of our top products at a discounted rate to boost your recruitment campaign*:

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