Milkround Society Awards 2019

On 19th June, we were delighted to host our annual Society Awards finalist day in London.

The awards allow students to showcase their hard work and commitment to both a society and university. It is also an opportunity for us to help students prepare for life after university, showing how they can use their involvement in a society as leverage in the world of work. Not only this, it’s an excellent way for the students to network with potential employers and find out more about the opportunities available.

Students were able to nominate either themselves or their society for one of two awards:

  1. Individual to Have Made the Biggest Contribution to a Society – £1,000 sponsorship prize
  2. Outstanding Contribution to a Society – £250 voucher

We had over 140 applications for our awards, which were narrowed down to 10 for each of the two categories. The judges then had the difficult decision of selecting a winner, after hearing each finalist present.

The Judges

Our employer partners and panel of judges for the awards were Mondelēz International, Enterprise Rent-a-car, Fidelity International and Lloyds of London.

What they had to say…

“An inspiring event where you get to see the current students and societies going above and beyond to help their fellow students and their surrounding communities not just excel and exceed but, in many cases, survive and thrive!  A complete privilege to see so many wonderful initiatives deliver so many tangible results.  Totally heart-warming!”

Brian Sinclair, Early Careers Talent Acquisition Manager UK & Ireland | Fidelity International

“I was in awe of the innovation in which students are truly impacting in their local communities. Being full time in university but very passionate about additional impacts they are making in society.”

Pj Singh, Talent Acquisition Specialist | Enterprise Rent-a-car

“It was great to see the drive and passion the students had for their societies – some really inspirational things happening and it’s great to have an event like this to highlight and celebrate the successes. At Lloyd’s we are always interested in hearing about students extracurricular activities and where they had achieved alongside their studies.”

Sian Carter, Emerging Talent Programmes Manager | Lloyds of London

The Finalists

UEA Paramedic Society University of East Anglia
Greater Manchester Nightline University of Manchester
Kite Oxford-Nairobi University of Oxford
Roots Community Gardening University of Bristol
Beat This Together University of Bristol
Warwick Maths Society University of Warwick
University of Edinburgh Entrepreneurs Society University of Edinburgh
Computer Science Society Lancaster University
Izzi Gilmour, Canoe University of Bristol
Kate Hassall, Team Surrey Squash University of Surrey
Emma Bihan-Poudec, A21 University of Southampton
Sarah Woodard, Women in Finance University of Bristol
Oluwaseye Kola-Ojo, Law Society University of Buckingham
Samuel Turner, Strand Magazine Kings College London
Millan Chauhan, Aston University Hockey Club Aston University
Mozomul Hoque, Community Challenge University of Birmingham
Doreen Chan, Durham University Business Society Durham University


Outstanding Contribution to a Society

We were very happy to crown Greater Manchester Nightline as the winners of the award and £1,000 sponsorship prize, a student-run listening service for students across Manchester, covering six universities and supporting 101,000 students.

Their dedication and hard work through a confidential phone and IM service, publicity events – such as delivering care packages during exam time – and plans to extend their support and further improve the infrastructure and publicity of their services, highlighted their dedication and support to the student community and clear plan for the future.

“The Milkround Society Awards finals were an incredible opportunity for both us individually and the organisation as a whole. We found out about the great work societies are doing across the UK and learned a great deal from how other groups overcame challenges this year. We also discussed volunteering opportunities with our fellow nominees and the Lancaster University Computer Science Society have offered to re-design our website!

We also got some great opportunities from networking with the amazing judges! Sian from Lloyds of London has already put us in contact with a mental health first aid training provider!”

Greater Manchester Nightline

Individual to have made the Biggest Contribution to a Society

Our judging panel were pleased to award Kate Hassall from Team Surrey Squash as the winner. They were impressed with Kate’s dedication to charity work, hard work in making sustainability an importance for Team Surrey Squash – removing all plastic waste from their social events – and creating a Blood Drive, to encourage those in the society to give blood… resulting in 36 pints of blood being given!

“I had such an amazing day at the awards, it was really well organised with a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere! I loved being able to meet the judges from an array of companies and fellow students from across the country. All the finalists had done some incredible work and it was a great way to discover different initiatives and ways we can improve our societies further!”

Kate Hassall, Team Surrey Squash


Special mention to:

  • Samuel Turner from the University of Buckingham, for founding and running Strand Magazine as well as self-teaching himself all aspects of design. Strand has been distributed to 27,000 people at King’s College London, as well as receiving sponsors such as Tate, Somerset House and King’s too.
  • Millan Chauhan from Aston University Hockey Club – elected and re-elected as Secretary of Aston University Hockey Club. His hard work enabled the club to gain £14.4k in sponsorship over the two years, as well as introducing numerous initiatives, securing deals and pro-actively helping members where possible.
  • Emma Bihan-Poudec from A21 at Southampton University – a society committed to raising awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery. The judges were impressed by the projects and campaigns Emma completed and her success in separating the human struggle from the political aspect of trafficking.
  • Kite Oxford-Nairobi, a student-led initiative with numerous projects, with the aim to empower communities, use access to resources to drive innovation in development and engage with students in Oxford and Nairobi.
  • Warwick Maths Society provides support to those studying Mathematics as well as ensuring that the subject is an equal and attractive opportunity for all genders. Through academic support officers, students can attend weekly sessions, there is also the opportunity to purchase revision guides and attend events.
  • UEA’s Paramedic Society run academic events to provide opportunities for their members to develop. They also spend time creating national campaigns, lobbying UK Government to enable student paramedics to access HEE additional funding.
  • Roots Community Gardening is a project to get students involved in conservation and sustainability around Bristol. They run workshops, improving mental health by encouraging individuals to increase the time they spend in green spaces, working with care homes and primary schools to improve their gardens.

PwC lead Tech She Can charter

PwC is one of nineteen organisations to pledge their dedication to tackling the issue of gender diversity in the tech industry, by signing the Tech She Can charter. Currently, a mere 15% of those working in science, technology, engineering and maths roles in the UK are female.

This follows PwC research undertaken last year and the government’s commitment to signing the Tech Talent Charter to boost gender diversity in technology-based roles.

Aims of the charter

Companies who have signed the charter have pledged to work with 9,000 UK schools to inspire, encourage and educate young women about opportunities in the technology sector. As part of the campaign, social mobility and access issues will also be tackled in a bid to make a career in technology feasible yo all young women. An emphasis will be placed on strong female role models already in the technology industry, something which Sheridan Ash, Women in Tech leader at PwC and founder of the Tech She Can charter, understands as key.

‘By working together we can reach more females at an earlier stage of their lives. We need to work harder to raise awareness about the exciting range of technology roles out there, in a sector that has the power to change the world.

‘Promoting visible and relatable role models is a huge part of this, as it’s hard for girls to aspire to be something they can’t see. There are many brilliant women working in technology roles right across the UK, from creatives and designers, to coders and data scientists. Technology is open to all and we need to get that message across.’

Before the launch of the Tech She Can charter, PwC surveyed 2,176 students back in 2017. And the findings served to shine an discomforting spotlight on the multiple facets that that constitute the gender gap.

Some of PwC’s key findings:

  • 27% of female respondents say they would consider a career in tech; compared to 62% of males
  • Only 16% of females say they’ve had a career in technology suggested to them
  • 78% of respondents can’t name a famous female working in technology
  • Only 3% of females say a career in technology is their first choice
  • Only 5% of leadership positions in the tech industry are held by women

The gender disparity in tech starts at school

Many of the findings point to a key opportunity to communicate with young women about technology careers while they are still in school, even before they’ve chosen the subjects they will study. Generally, it appears that more males study STEM subjects both at school and university, putting them in good stead to make a career out of these industries.

However, many young women want their future careers to be creative, innovative and want the chance to make real difference through their work. All of these can be found through a career in technology – however, somewhere this message is getting lost – leaving girls “with little understanding of what working in technology involves”.

By aiming to engage with young women from a younger age, the Tech She Can charter is a promising starting point by which real action can be determined and carried out. The significance of collaboration across organisations is equally a testament to how change can only come about by working together.

To find out more, download PwC’s complete report.

Companies chartering Tech She Can alongside PwC

British Science Association, Business 3.0, Digital Jam, everywoman, FDisruptors, Girlguiding, InnovateHer, JP Morgan, Modern Muse,, NatWest Markets, Sophos, Smoothwall, TechGirls, Tech Talent Charter, Tesco, T Systems, and Zoopla Property Group.

*All figures from PwC’s ‘Women in Tech: Time to close the gender gap’ research report.


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We’re OnRec’s Niche Job Board 2018

We’re thrilled to be the winner of the Niche Job Board Award 2018, by OnRec.

The annual OnRec Awards are always a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the successes of the industry as a whole – and this year, it was made all the more special for us when Milkround was announced!

The award is the result of the hard work of our team working collaboratively together to drive the best campaigns for our clients.

Here’s to a great year!


Milkround’s Ellie and Lizzy, alongside our sister brand Jobsite who also celebrated with an award.

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National Careers Week 2018

It’s National Careers and Apprenticeship Week 2018!

National Careers Week Launch

On the morning of Monday 5th March, the Milkround team sponsored and attended the House of Commons to talk about the importance of employer engagement.

It was a very insightful event, and we thoroughly enjoyed being part of such an inspiring campaign for National Careers Week, highlighting why it matters to empower and encourage students to make the right career choices for them.

george rum bambos
Two of our Milkround team, Rumneet and Georgie, alongside Mp for Enfield Southgate, Bambos Charalambous.


Find us in Monday’s i Paper

If you picked up a copy of the i Paper on Monday 5th March, you will have noticed the Apprenticeships supplement inside, as part of National Apprenticeship Week. Milkround support this campaign wholeheartedly, and two of our insight pieces feature in print and can also be found online:

Top tips: perfect your soft skills, and show them off

Theresa May encourages an open mind for alternatives to university

To find out more, please contact


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We’re accepting guest posts on Milkround Recruiter blog

Milkround’s recruiter blog aims to be a hub of advice, news and insights into the school leaver, student and graduate markets.

This insight can be deepened by multiple voices joining in – maybe you’re a HR Manager with tips on how to retain graduate employees? An in-house recruiter who could offer insight into preparing a candidate for their very first interview? Or perhaps you’d like to offer your own spin on what developments you think we’ll be seeing this year in the recruitment sphere? Or your company has just unveiled a new graduate offering you want to shout about?

In the past, Milkround have considered salary expectations amongst male and female graduates, social mobility factors in the school leaver market, how to engage with students in meaningful ways, as well as news surrounding innovative steps being taken to recruit graduates, such as businesses partnering with universities to provide scholarships.

If you’re interested in offering your insight, recommendations or musings, we’d love to hear from you. Just email with a blog suggestion and we’ll get back to you.

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ScottishPower offers scholarships for Masters students

Applications open today for the seventh year of ScottishPower’s Masters Scholarships, offered across several energy-related disciplines.

Sixteen scholars will be provided with full course fee funding, plus a monthly living cost payment of £1,200. ScottishPower also aims to provide a company member to successful scholars, alongside assistance with establishing any industry-related projects within a student’s academic study.

For the first time, ScottishPower also plans to work with successful scholars to support them into the workplace following their studies.

The scholarships are available across areas of knowledge including electrical/mechanical engineering, renewable energy, environmental sciences, computer science, cybersecurity and big data analytics.

Where will the scholarships be offered?

The scholarships will be offered to the relevant Masters degrees at the following universities:

  • Imperial College of London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Strathclyde
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Cambridge

Hamish Watson, HR Director at ScottishPower highlights the importance of investing in the future workforce: “There is no doubt that the future of the energy industry lies in the hands of our bright young people and ScottishPower is committed to supporting the advancement of their education. We’re delighted to be offering these scholarships opportunities this year; it presents a huge opportunity for graduates to develop their skills and knowledge, and to demonstrate how they can contribute to our future.”

Find out more

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One in five millennials won’t work for a company with a formal dress code

18% of millennials wouldn’t work for an organisation with a formal dress code policy, according to a study of 2,000 UK adults by Style Compare. The survey also revealed that 18-24 year olds are the most likely to be subject to the strictest office dress codes.

Dress codes differ depending on sector, with some enforcing more traditional dress codes than others.

  • 32% of people who work in call centres have considered quitting because of their employer’s rules on clothing, the highest of any job type in the study.
  • The science and pharmaceuticals sector is at risk of losing talent due to dress codes too. 31% of workers in that sector say they’ve considered quitting their job because of them. The figure is 29% among I.T workers.
  • People working in the media and online sector are equally unhappy at being told what to wear, but are less likely to quit their job over it.
  • 27% working in that sector said they’d be happier if their employer just relaxed their dress code.
  • The insurance sector is the strictest when it comes to employee dress, with 28% of workers subject to the strictest type of dress code.
  • Publishing and journalism has the most relaxed approach, with 67% of workers saying they can wear what they like.

What do millennials wear to work?

Dress code type Description Millennials (18-34)
Business Very strict – suits and ties for men, ‘smart business wear for women’ 10.17%
Relaxed business Quite strict – ties optional for men, but exposed shoulders or open-toe shoes not permitted for women 29.69%
Smart casual Moderately strict – smart denim permitted, exposed shoulders not encouraged 20.78%
Casual Relaxed – no trainers or ripped denim 15.91%
No dress code Very relaxed – wear what you like 14.72%
Undefined No guidance given 8.74%


Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, an occupational health expert, thinks dress codes have little benefit overall.

“There’s very little evidence that these policies have any benefit on well-being, productivity or how an organisation is perceived from the outside.

“These policies have the capacity to discriminate against almost everyone. They cause stress, discomfort and  – as the research suggests – they have the potential to put talented people off from working for an organisation. These downsides come at negligible benefit to the employer.”

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After School Options fair – March 2018

Milkround’s annual school leaver careers fair

Our fourth After School Options Fair in London is coming up on 2nd March 2018.

Over 7,000 school leavers and around 200 teachers and careers advisers attend this event, all with the purpose of finding out what opportunities are out there.

In conjunction with UK University Search, we provide students from across the UK with the chance to discover more about their options once they leave school.

The event is held at the Emirates Stadium, Hornsey Road, London N7 7AJ. Students are free to move between the two separate halls that provide information about universities and employment opportunities.

Not only can you exhibit at this event, you can also get involved in seminars or workshops to further boost your brand presence.

Event details

When: 10:00am-2:30pm on 2nd March 2018 (exhibitor set up from 8:30am)
Where: Emirates Stadium, Hornsey Road, London N7 7AJ

Interested? Book your stand today: 0333 0145 111

The hall is always brimming with school leaver talent!



Exhibiting is a great opportunity for school leavers to make real connections with prospective employers.




Milkround’s CV Lottery!

Have you heard about our CV lottery?

Each month Milkround are offering candidates the opportunity to have their CV reviewed by an expert, to help increase their employability chances and secure their dream jobs! We will focus on a specific sector each month, and select 5 CV’s from those candidates who applied.

These CV’s will then be reviewed our CV expert, Andrew Fennell, and the five winners will be sent a job e-zine of suggested roles to apply for.

We are offering employers the opportunity to sponsor a different sector CV lottery each month. The benefits include:

  • Branding on all email communications
  • Share your CV advice with an article featured in an email sent to all candidates
  • Social media promotion
  • Branding featured on our advice hub 
  • Share your CV top tips for your sector on our advice site

If you are interested in sponsoring a CV lottery, or would like more information please call 0333 0145 111 or email to speak to a member of our team.