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Milkround’s ‘Inside the Minds of Millennials’ report is a fresh look in to the minds of millennials told to us by the millennials themselves.

With this piece of research, we’ve gained an insight into this generation which, according to the BBC, will make up 75% of the global workforce by the year 2020.

We look at some common misconceptions around this generation of young workers and ask for their perspective on themes such as professionalism in the workplace, home ownership, travel, employer loyalty, and their close relationship with social media.

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Milkround School Leavers Breakfast Briefing

A huge thank you to all of our clients, agencies, teachers and careers advisers who came a long to our offices this morning to find out about the latest information from our School Leavers Career Confidence Survey.

The second Milkround School Leaver Career Confidence Survey 2015 explores and measures the confidence current School Leavers have of their job prospects taking an alternate route to the traditional university degree. The aim was to identify the industries and career options students are considering and if they felt school or college has prepared them for entering the world of work.

Key stats from Milkround’s 2015 School Leavers Career Confidence Report:

  • 54% of school leavers say that their biggest concern for the future of their career is grade expectations.
  • 40% of respondents said they were unsure of whether they could start a job tomorrow.
  • Current school leavers value experience, industry and salary the most when looking for roles – the size of the company and potential job title were least important.
  • 79% of respondents said that the future option they hear most about in school is university, not apprenticeships, traineeships, et cetera.
  • Apprenticeships have had a positive increase year on year, with 35% of respondents saying that it will be their next career step.
  • 66% of school leavers use career websites, proving that online jobs boards play a significant part in young people’s recruitment journey.

You can find the full report available to download here.

Here are some of the pictures from this morning…

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“Too much competition” for jobs, say two thirds of students and graduates

A quarter pessimistic about their chances of finding work after university

Two thirds of students and graduates said there is too much competition for jobs in the Milkround Student and Graduate Career Confidence Report 2015. The results of the recruitment specialist’s annual survey of more than 5,600 students and graduates were revealed at a breakfast briefing last week (Friday, May 15th).

The annual survey of Milkround candidates assesses their career confidence, highlighting the key issues relating to the graduate job hunt. Two thirds of the respondents were current students and one third were graduates.

Over 40 clients, agencies and university career services attended the breakfast briefing including AIA, Accenture, Westminster University, UHY, among many others.

A presentation was delivered by Milkround staff, followed by roundtable insight sessions shedding light on different changes within the youth recruitment market.

You can download the full Career Confidence report here.


Key stats from Milkround’s 2015 Student and Graduate Career Confidence Report:

  • 66% of students and graduates said that “too much competition” was their biggest concern about their job prospects
  • More than a quarter (25.8%) of students were “pessimistic” about their chances of getting a graduate job after university
  • Despite the above point, students’ “optimism” towards finding a job after university has risen for a second consecutive year
  • Compared to 2014, students and graduates are less concerned about there being “not enough jobs”, but have grown more concernedabout “low pay” (+4.2%) and “employers expectations [being] too high” (+9.3%)
  • 31.6% of graduates were still “looking for a job”
  • 61.2% of student and graduates felt that “work experience or an internship” would make them feel more confident about their career prospects

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